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Our clients have many options for advice, but they choose Spectrum because we understand the interconnected nature of life and wealth. We specialize in all areas of wealth management for individuals, families and professionals alike.

Medical Doctors

Over and above our core wealth management service, we help physicians address challenges and opportunities that come along with their profession, while working toward a work-optional lifestyle.

A doctor’s time is valuable, so we provide a personal financial website and other tools to manage your entire financial life, allowing you to focus on your patients, your family and your personal life.

In addition to our three-tiered financial management service, our services for doctors include:

  • Dynamic planning approach to reflect changes in healthcare compensation
  • Employee benefits reviews, including plan elections and retirement allocations
  • Risk management, insurance analysis, and asset protection strategies
  • Cash flow and debt management
  • Tax efficiency reviews

Business Owners

From incorporation and accumulation to pre-sale and post-sale, we help you build strategies for the full lifecycle of your business, while optimizing your family’s long-term wealth.

Our advisors have decades of experience helping business owners navigate the intertwined nature of personal finances and business wealth, so our clients rely on us for advice through every stage of their journey.

In addition to our three-tiered financial management service, our services for business owners include:

  • Advising on Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Succession planning and exit strategies
  • Analyzing your business and personal wealth for tax-saving opportunities
  • Post-sale investment strategy and financial planning


Today more women than ever are primary breadwinners, business leaders and financial decision-makers, and yet they still tend to accumulate lower lifetime earnings, face higher healthcare costs and fund longer retirements than their male counterparts. We take great pride in empowering women to navigate these obstacles and opportunities in order to connect their wealth to purpose.

Whether you are married or single, an executive or retired, we listen intently before providing powerfully personal advice. With a clear understanding of your goals, we are able to design a financial path that reflects you and instills confidence in your financial future.

In addition to our three-tiered financial management service, our services for women include:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Longevity planning and wealth preservation strategies
  • Financial guidance through transitions such as divorce and job change
  • Personalized process and objective advice from a women-led team

Divorced Individuals

There are a wide variety of financial issues and decisions that complicate the process of divorce. Navigating financial complexities is what we do best.

Our team provides ongoing guidance in an objective and timely manner as you consider settlements and divide assets, and we develop various scenarios to help you make purposeful financial decisions.

In addition to our three-tiered financial management service, our services for those considering or navigating divorce include:

  • Knowledgeable divorce financial planning, consulting, education and analysis
  • Personalized guidance from a team of professionals, including a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)
  • Partnering with your attorney to find unrealized financial opportunities

Multigenerational Families

Building a legacy is about enriching the lives of those who have enriched yours. From our vast experience working with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families, we have developed a high-touch service to help multigenerational families to effectively manage and transfer wealth.

Our family office and trust service is tailored to the specific needs of families with unique family dynamics or complex finances. We help you accomplish the following:

  • Protect and sustain family wealth
  • Minimize estate and wealth transfer taxes
  • Develop philanthropic strategies
  • Effectively manage and transfer wealth to second and third generations


For many attorneys, engineers and other professionals, as you build success your time becomes limited, your risk increases, and your needs become more intricate. We handle the evolving complexities of your financial life and help you work towards a work-optional lifestyle.

Each phase of your career brings about new financial considerations that require careful planning. In addition to our comprehensive wealth management service, we help professionals with:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Risk management and insurance analysis
  • Tax-efficient strategies for drawing down assets
  • Succession planning

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