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Customizable Services to Simplify Your Financial Life

We approach financial advice differently. Finding solutions to the financial complexities of wealth is both an art and a science. Our team of experts use a combination of creativity and technical expertise gained over decades of experience to solve problems, simplify your financial life and open doorways to new opportunities.



It takes far less time to erode wealth than it does to accumulate it. When it comes to investing, our main objective is to protect our clients’ wealth from that erosion and grow their net worth. Our investment approach is designed to cope with the cyclicality of the markets, the ebbs and flows of the global and domestic economies, and our clients’ ever-evolving financial needs.

To meet the wide range of financial needs of our clients, Spectrum designs custom-made investment strategies that incorporate a core portfolio allocation with a proprietary tactical investing process that is both flexible and adaptive.

Our investment management program includes:

  • Tax-Aware Management
  • Multidisciplinary Market-Driven Approach
  • Client-Tailored Portfolio Solutions

Our core strategic portfolio allocations include:

  • SWM All Cap
  • SWM Dividend Growth
  • SWM Growth and Income
  • SWM Sector Rotation
  • SWM Macro Advance and Protect
  • SWM Core Portfolios
  • SWM Custom
  • Fixed Income Strategies


The inherent complexity that accompanies the building of one’s wealth requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure goals and objectives are achieved.

Our dedicated team of financial planners, investment professionals and tax experts work closely with you or your existing professional advisors to coordinate a focused approach for providing the comprehensive guidance and advice that you deserve. Throughout this process we work to identify any potential planning gaps and help you explore untapped opportunities in your financial plan.

The depth of our wealth management program is vast. It incorporates our investment management services, as well a multitude of planning points, such as:

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Estate & Wealth Transfer Strategy
  • Philanthropic Guidance
  • Life Transition Planning
  • Family Education and Guidance
  • Spectrum CFO


As we guide our clients through the Investment and Wealth Management process, we often find that questions arise regarding how to be effective stewards of family wealth, how to create sustainable plans, and how to make prudent decisions for the long term—while avoiding unforeseeable issues that could become sources of conflict within the family.

Even our most affluent and financially mature families find that they need a customized solution to ensure individual family members benefit from the strength and legacy of the family as a whole. At Spectrum, we offer a single point of contact to manage all aspects of your family office and trust needs, thereby reducing complexity and simplifying your life.

In addition to our Investment and Wealth Management services, our Family Office and Trust Services also include:

  • Intergenerational Transfer Strategy
  • Family Governance and Education
  • Philanthropy and Your Social Legacy
  • Integrated Trust Solutions

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