Russ Dellen Memorial Ride

BY Spectrum Wealth Management | Jul 8, 2021

Each year, Spectrum Management Group donates to and participates with non-profit organizations to help communities in the greater Indianapolis area.  We believe contributing time and funds to fellow Hoosiers in need helps the team at Spectrum thrive.

For over ten years, Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis has presented the Russ Dellen Memorial Ride, also known as “Russ’s Ride,” to honor the memory of Russell “Russ” Dellen. The Russ Dellen Memorial Ride is an event for motorcycle enthusiasts and community members alike.  This year’s memorial ride will take place on Saturday, July 10.  It starts with a ride around the 465 loop, kicking off at the Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis dealership in Fishers.  After the Ride, there is food, live entertainment, and other festivities to enjoy.

The Russ Dellen Memorial Ride is an important charity event, as all proceeds benefit The Patachou Foundation in Indianapolis.  The Patachou Foundation is an organization that provides scratch-made meals to children who live in “food deserts,” or areas where there is no access to healthy food.  These areas commonly lack traditional grocery stores, and residents purchase food at convenience stores, gas stations, or fast-food restaurants. The organization also provides food education to children.  Each year, the Russ Dellen Memorial Ride raises thousands of dollars for The Patachou Foundation.

Russ Dellen was a man who had a zeal for life, his family and was passionate about helping others.  His positive attitude shined through his everyday actions.  He was a modest man, but his radiant personality lit up the room whenever he walked in.  He enjoyed teaching opportunities, frequently telling his sons that there is always a learning opportunity in everything, every day.

Russ loved giving back and helping those in need.  “My father was a very kind and giving person.  He always wanted to help people that couldn’t help themselves.” His son David recalls.  Russ was involved with several local charities, including St. Mary’s Child Center, Fairbanks Hospital (Community Fairbanks Recovery Center), Little Sisters of the Poor/St. Augustine Home, Progress House, the Indiana State Police Foundation, Inc., and many others.  He wasn’t only focused on giving donations, but he was giving of his time as well.  He firmly believed that part of giving back was spending time volunteering. 

Russ was ardent about philanthropy, and he instilled his values of giving back to others in his three sons, encouraging them to give back to the community whenever possible.  His son, David, continues his father’s tradition of helping those in need by volunteering, donating, and raising funds to support organizations in Indianapolis communities.

“I am passionate about helping The Patachou Foundation because my father taught me the importance of helping others.” Says David.  “I feel it is important for kids to get good food that nourishes their bodies and minds.  Many kids aren’t exposed to healthy foods. The meals provided encourage them to try new food and learn why eating healthy foods is important for their wellbeing.” He notes.

In addition to donations, David also participates as a volunteer at The Patachou Foundation, serving children at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School No. 15.  “Volunteering at the school helps me form a personal connection with the kids we serve.  Food brings people together, and eating is a social activity.  A lot of kids don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It is rewarding to know that I can help provide nutritious food, so they don’t go hungry.” He says.

The team at Spectrum Management Group has donated funds to support the Russ Dellen Memorial Ride for the last two years.  We are grateful to support this important cause benefiting Hoosier children in need. In doing this, we help the community and honor the memory of Russ Dellen.

To learn more about The Russ Dellen Memorial Ride and how to register, visit the Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis’s Facebook Page.  To learn more about The Patachou Foundation and how to get involved, visit