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2021 Goals: 6 Wellness Tips to Help Keep You On Track

BY Spectrum Wealth Management | May 5, 2021

Are you trying to sleep better? Is your goal to lose weight, start a consistent exercise routine, or reduce stress? Whatever your wellness goals are this year, you can help keep yourself on track by following these six steps.

Tip #1: Start each week by practicing mindfulness.

Set yourself up for success each week by being mindful of what you want to accomplish.  Whether it’s choosing healthy snacks over convenient ones or drinking more water every day, keep your goals in the front of your mind and make a conscious effort towards achieving them.

Tip #2: Be Flexible When Setting Your Goals

The key to reaching your goals is setting realistic goals and timelines in which you’ll meet those goals.  The COVID-19 pandemic changed our perspective on goals.  We know that life can throw curveballs, so it’s essential to remain open and flexible.  Just because we have a setback doesn’t mean we have to stop moving forward.  Having a list of micro-goals that keep you moving toward your overall goals will help you feel confident you can crush your big goals for the year.

Tip #3: Digital Detoxes

There is much conflicting information and negative energy in social media, the news, and TV.  We have the power to decide what we watch and read.  A digital detox is easy, and best of all, you set the boundaries.  You can devote a week, weekend, or even a single day to living without your phone, social media, and TV.  By doing this, you can take time to focus on yourself. Try taking a walk, meditation, reading, organizing your home, or spending time with friends.

Tip #4: Make a Daily To-Do List

If you’re trying to be more productive, try The Ivy Lee Method.  It is a 100-year-old strategy for helping people become more productive at work.  Each night, write down at the six most important tasks to complete the following day in order of importance.  The next day, begin working on those tasks one at a time.  This strategy works because it saves time, reduces “decision fatigue,” and can compel you to prioritize your goals.  You can also use this method to accomplish tasks at home and wellness goals.

Tip #5: Community Care

The COVID-19 pandemic made us more aware of the systemic inequalities and flaws in our society.  People have started to recognize they have a responsibility to help those in need and have the power to do so.  Giving back to others in our communities can help fight against depression, increases social skills, connects us to others, and be happier. According to a recent study, the odds of “being very happy” rose 7% among people that volunteer monthly, 12% for those who volunteer every two to four weeks, and 16% for people who volunteer weekly – an increase in happiness comparable to having an income of $75,000+, versus $20,000.

Tip #6: Positive Thinking

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you ignore unpleasant situations or stressors in your life.  It simply means you have a more positive, productive approach to undesirable conditions.  Using self-talk and filtering our negative thinking can help you change your mindset.  Studies show that positive thinking has health benefits such as a longer lifespan, increased immunity to the common cold, lower stress levels, and better overall psychological and physical health.